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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

YAY!!! 2-6-13

YAAAAAAY!!!! i told carson that i still like him and... here. here's our convo:

ugh, whyd this have to happen to us? why not other people?
Ikr it sux
well, this is gonna sound really cheesy, but i heard this saying once and it said, "You were blessed so many positive things, your voice, your looks, your personality, that God had to make it fair for everyone, so he gave you ADD depression and bipolar disorder."
Nice that explains u
aww, thanks :') in your situation, it's you're so strong, and lovable, and nice, and sweet, and perfectly imperfect in every way, that He had to give you these things, just like me
I wish lol
are you kidding?! you're strong. when im sad, even if you're sad, you come up to me and try to console me. you're lovable. i just wanna pick you up and squeeze the life outta you until you say you love me back. you're nice and sweet. even when you're picking on me, you're still making me stronger, and you just give me these puppy dog eyes that makes me want to say im sorry a billion times until you forgive me. you're perfectly imperfect. all your imperfections and flaws make you who you are, and i don't want you to change a single thing, because if you do, i might not have a carson to love anymore
....that sounded really stalker and creepy... didn't that? im sorry that was kinda supposed to stay inside me...
im sorry. please don't think im a weirdo and not talk to me...
oh joy... another friendship ruined because of the dumbass shit that comes out of my mouth
please carson, just answer me, anything at all
why did i have to do this? why couldn't it have just stay in my brain?
well, i... i guess goodnight. see you thusrday... maybe
please... just don't hate me... you're the only person in this entire universe that understands me like you do. please......
i just need a little guidence and acceptance...
Hey im on my phone on facebook laying in my bed when I message u so if I dont respond and it is late then I feel sleep I thought what u said was super sweet
hey broshif. i hope you respond because its not super late
so... you arent creeped out out about wat i said?
meh. get on! i have to tell you the story of me at the hard rock cafe. you'll pee yourself. i know i almost did
No I'm not creeped and gtg to the mall
have fun. i was so nervous that ud hate me or something
Chat Conversation End

isn't he loooovly!? isn't he woooondderrrrrrful!?

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