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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

having mixed feelings today :/ 2-12-13

i can't describe my feeling today... i'm sick to a point where i've fainted, and i have found a new singer obsession. he's called The Ready Set. i'm going to his concert on the 26th. i'm so excited! i'm going with my friend Gwen. it's going to be awesome! his real name is jordan witzigreuter. everyone calls him screamo and punk and emo, which makes me really, really, REALLY pissed off, because he has more of a tecno-pop style (look up his song Give Me Your Hand. when he says give me your hand, i immediately think, that's not all i'm gonna give you ;) yeah I'm weird) . he's sexy as hell. i would lick his entire body, including his Forbidden Area. yeah, thats what my mom calls it. here's some pictures. GOD DAMN IT!!!!!! I WISH I WAS HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!! he drinks starbucks... every day.... this boy is made for me....

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