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Sunday, February 17, 2013

i have had some pretty weird dreams 2-17-13

yeah. my dream yesterday was that this guy dared me, c, g, my ex, and j to spend the night at the school so we gladly accepted. so we set up a table in the eighth grade hall and so we were playing cards and someone one and c got mad so he stood up... AND HE HAD A BONER!!!!! we started to question him and he was all like, "I LOVE DANIELLE!!!" and ran into the bathroom. of course me and all my friends and i were bursting out laughing. now today's dream was i was at a gymnastics camp (i'm really in gymnastics BTW)  and so this blind black lady was the "captain" i guess but she didn't do any gymnastics stuff and so my social studies teacher was there too being a coach, and we used his cabin for the camp. so anyways, my friend's friend kept bothering us through the window, saying she wanted r, who she likes (yes, she's lesbian). but no one would let her in. so she brought my supposed boyfriend (just in the dream, i don't have a bf in real life :/ ) and so he actually came in in the middle of the night and had some le sexy times (that's what i call sex BTW) with me and then the coaches came in during the middle of our little session and i hid him under my blanket and dropped him on the floor so he could crawl under the bed and escape the evil of my coaches and he did, but they made me sleep out side because they knew what I did, so me and my bf had more le sexy times in the shed out back. weird huh?

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